Zhe Ge Sha Shou Bu Gai Xu Qiu (2022)


Have you had a client who drove you crazy because they made too many changes to their contract? Female artist Qiu Wang Yan suffers premature balding from the stress, and she has had enough. Unable to get out of her contract with the anonymous client without ruining her career, she decides to hire Zhong Feng, an assasin, to get rid of her pesky client. By doing so, she has to sign a contract with him too, and he does not allow any changes. Thus, they embark on a journey to track down and kill the “real” client.

Also known as: This Assassin Does Not Allow Change Zhege Shashou Bu Gai Xuqiu 這個殺手不改需求


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

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Zhe Ge Sha Shou Bu Gai Xu Qiu (2022) full episodes

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