Yuan Yu Zhou: Hui Dao 1995 (2024)


Lu Yuan Zheng is the founder of the Lu Group. The biggest concern in his life is that his beloved wife passed away due to an accident early in his life. Deeply grieved, he decided to invest in scientist Lao Liu to support him in developing the latest metaverse virtual world. His goal is to return to 1995 in the metaverse and reunite with his wife, Yu Jiao, to make up for the trauma and unfinished business in his heart. In the metaverse, Lu Yuan Zheng will experience a fantasy and touching journey. He will explore various possibilities in the virtual world, pursue beautiful memories with his wife, and try to find inner peace and satisfaction in the virtual environment. However, there may be various challenges and difficulties along the way, and he must overcome a series of obstacles before he can realize his wish. The story will touch on people’s desire to lose and return to the past while also delving into the relationship between virtual worlds and real life and people’s pursuit of memory and emotion. The rewritten version will continue to emphasize these themes and present the audience with an emotional and reflective story.

Also known as: The Meta Universe Metaverse: Back to 1995 Yuan Yu Zhou Hui Dao 1995


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


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