You’ll Never Walk Alone (2023)


Xia Yuan, a Shanghai girl, is the director of the sales department of a well-known brand. After her career was stable, she proposed marriage to her boyfriend, Song Hang Yu, who had been dating for three years, but he disappeared. Xia Yuan learned that Song Hang Yu had gone to Australia, so she gave herself a year to go to Australia to find Song Hang Yu. On the other hand, Hao Wei Lai, who had a holiday with Xia Yuan in Shanghai, was arranged by his father to work in Australia because of the bankruptcy of his father’s enterprise. Ye Si Qi, a post-95s girl living in Shanghai, and Qiao Bin, who grew up in Shanghai, had a flash marriage and divorce. Ye Si Qi, who was hot-headed and wanted to pursue a new life, also embarked on a trip to Australia. Qiao Bin, who regretted the divorce, followed Ye Si Qi’s footsteps to Australia. The four met and went on the road together. This year, the four of them went to farms, yacht rental companies, wineries, amusement parks and other places to work. The four of them were inseparable from each other’s conflicts to the end. Finally, Xia Yuan completely let go of the past and joined hands with Hao Rui to welcome a new life. Hao Wei Lai also accepted bankruptcy and re-entered his business, accompanied by Xia Yuan, and Ye Si Qi and Qiao Bin slowly got together again.

Director: Gu Yun Yun

Also known as: You Can't Catch Me Southern Cross Romantic Notes Piao Yang Guo Hai Zai Ai Ni Nan Shi Zi Xing Lang Man Bi Ji 南十字星浪漫笔记 不远的未来 南十字星浪漫筆記 漂洋過海再愛你


Status: Ongoing

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