Small Town Stories (2024)


Mu Di, a Suo Na professional woman with a high decree of education and ability, went back home to recover from an injury. There she meets Bai Lang, a smart and capable boss of a company. Due to an incident, the two are forced to run a business together. In the process of building the business together, Mu Di not only felt a different kind of human warmth but also got welcomed with open arms by the local people of the town, got the inspiration to combine traditional art and pop culture. Mu Di has a new understanding of the folk music she once used to love. She has made continual progress in performances and have received much praise. She has also changed her rocky start with Bai Lang for the better. In the end, Mu Di and the members of the folk orchestra took the opportunity to make traditional folk music that’s known and loved by many. Under the influence of Bai Lang, Mu Di put down her walls and faced her heart. Not only did she find a career that she loves, but she also found a home that she loves.

Director: Guo Zeng You

Also known as: Xiaocheng Gushi Duo Xiao Cheng Gushi Duo


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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