Secret × Warrior Phantomirage!


Kokomi, Saki, and Yotsuba are three middle schoolers and friends who lead different lifestyles. One day, they meet Kumachi, a talking teddy bear fairy sent by her master Phandy to search for the wish-granting “Gyaku Jewels”. Kumachi later chooses them to become Phantomirage, a Robin Hood styled phantom thieves of justice to acquire the Gyaku Jewels with the promise of granting their own wishes. The Phantomirage proceed in this by purifying people who are corrupted by the GyakuGyaku Police, a group of bad cops who turn those they arrest into evil polarized versions of themselves. Becoming mass media sensations while attracting the attention of the actual police who are investigating them and the Reverse Police, the Phantomirage members are warned to conceal their identities from the public.

Director: Miike Takashi, Yokoi Takeshi, Yamaguchi Yoshitaka

Also known as: Secret × Heroine Phantomirage! Himitsu × Senshi Phantomirage!


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

Secret × Warrior Phantomirage! full episodes

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