Once Upon a Time (2024)


Pursuing his dream of become a screenwriter, twenty-seven-year-old Nathee invites his close friend Pharadon to write a script with him. He finds writing inspiration in the old poems hanging in a restaurant called Tram. These poems were written by the restaurant’s owner, Arak. After getting to know Arak, Nathee learns the story of how his first love began on the last day the tram ran. On the tram’s final trip, Arak and his close friend Boriphat fell in love with the same girl, Mukda. After that day, the story of their love triangle began. The film script is the story of a love triangle, overlapping with the true story of Natthee, Pharadon, and Sokaew. Sokaew has fallen for Nathee and Pharadon has fallen for Sokaew. However, Nathee doesn’t think of Sokaew like that.

Director: Chirapha Rawangkan

Also known as: Rot Rang Thiao Sut Thai


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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