No One Lies (2023)


When you’re used to gaining from lying, the loss of the ability to lie will surely bring great changes to your life. Successful direct marketing company founder Lo Man Nai understands that man’s desire for power and money is indefinite. Through superb lying skills, he attracts a group of staff who put in their best efforts to sell his health products. During an annual general meeting, Lo is struck with a weird disease and loses the ability to lie. Only able to tell the truth, he reveals that the company’s products and sale tactics are all lies. He also confesses to his wife about his long-term affair. Convicted of commercial fraud and ditched by his family, Lo attempts to kill himself. He is then saved by a fellow inmate, who happens to be a gangster boss.

Also known as: Da Cheng Shi Jia Daai Sing Sat Gaa 大诚实家


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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