My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024)


Loh Ki Wan is a North Korean defector. He has arrived in the unfamiliar country of Belgium from North Korea because of his mother, Ok Hee. He wants to settle down in the country, but his only hope for him to stay is to receive refugee status from the Belgian government. He fights to get that. Loh Ki Wan then meets Marie. She used to be a Korean, but she has now received Belgian citizenship. In the past, she was a shooter. Unlike Loh Ki Wan, who came to Belgium to live a new life, Marie doesn’t have a reason to live. They have an unpleasant first meeting but fall in love with each other.

Director: Kim Hee Jin

Also known as: Ro Gi Wan Loh Ki Wan Loh Kiwan Roh Kiwan Ro Kiwan


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

My Name Is Loh Kiwan (2024) full episodes

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