My Little Old Boy (2016)


How much do you know about your son? Who does your son meet today, and what did he talk about? Why does he look so blue today? Why is he excited nowadays? Why is he so addicted to food lately? Why does he have nothing to do apart from sleeping on his day off? A mother is aware of all the milestones that a baby achieves while growing up. “Wow! My son was born with a strong cry.” She has witnessed her baby rolling over, toddling, and getting potty trained. She still tracks all the precious moments of her child – “It’s been 470 months since he started walking and 480 months since he started calling ‘Mom’…” ‘My Little Old Boy’ is a program that enables mothers to monitor their sons’ daily lives and record the moments akin to writing the baby book again! This program contains hilarious events along with heartwarming stories between mothers who always worry about their sons and sons who, despite being adults, are still immature but adorable kids to their moms.

Also known as: Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling Miun Uri Saekki


Status: Ongoing

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