Like a Flowing River Season 3 (2024)


In June 1993, the transnational cooperation between Donghai Chemical and Luoda Company was in full swing. Song Yun Hui, the key person behind the joint venture with Donghai, is leading the workers of Pengyang, a factory inferior to Donghai in all aspects, to begin its process of reform. Despite the difficulties in narrowing the gap between the two companies, Yunhui continues to adhere to his original intentions. Lei Dong Bao leads Dengfeng Electric and merges with small factories to establish a cluster. He sets rules, finds investments, engages in foreign trade, and experiences the reality of human relationships. Nonetheless, he makes sure to always put the interests of the people first. Yang Xun and Liang Si Shen are working together to build a shopping mall. In the midst of things, Liang Si Shen tries her best to balance Luoda’s and Donghai’s interests. The two gradually open their hearts in their cooperation to face future challenges hand in hand. With ups and downs along the way, the situation is constantly changing, but what remains unchanged are the courageous dream chasers who continue to work hard.

Also known as: Da Jiang Da He 3 Like a Flowing River 3 Da Jiang Da He Zhi Sui Yue Ru Ge 大江大河3


Status: Ongoing

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