Legal Affair (2023)


Angel, hailed as ‘the devil’s successor’, is an apprentice of legendary lawyer Shek Kei. The invincible pair are often hired by upper-class individuals. They do whatever it takes to win a case. Busy with work, Angel and her lawyer husband Manson become estranged. The couple decide to get divorced and fight over the custody of their son, Lucas. To improve her image, hence her chances of getting custody of Lucas, Angel accepts a legal aid case. Her job is to defend Lisa, a single mother who is accused of manslaughter. To her dismay, Angel is going up against the legendary Shek in this case. All eyes are on this battle between a master and her apprentice.

Also known as: Fa Yu Qing Faat Jyu Cing Faat Yu Ching 法與情


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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