Kesenai “Watashi”: Fukushu no Rensa (2024)


An entertaining revenge drama follows Haibara Shoko, an ordinary high school girl who vows revenge after all of her family and friends are taken from her. Shoko, an ordinary high school girl, became an internet celebrity after she appeared in beauty streamer Tokumichi Hitoshi’s video. However, her classmates, who are jealous of her success, lure her into a trap and film her being assaulted. As a result, the video goes viral and is spread across the internet – making her a target of hate. To make matters worse, after her home address is revealed and her house is set on fire, she loses her parents as a result. And yet still, the digital tattoo remains on the internet. Suffering emotional scars, she ended up being taken in by her grandmother, where she lived a rough life. 10 years on, just as Shoko is deciding to end her life, she happens to see her former happy classmates on TV. At that moment, she vows instead to take revenge on them, and Tokumichi, regretful that he could not help in the past, lends her his support as her partner in revenge.

Director: Nakakuki Tsuyoshi

Also known as: Deleting [Me] – Chain of Revenge


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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