Justice Sung Begins (2024)


During the Qing Dynasty, political corruption and corrupt officials were in power, and the people were in dire straits. As a result, foreign powers took advantage of the situation and invaded China in various ways. In these troubled times, a little national hero, Song Shi Jie, quietly emerged. The son of a jailer, Jie is a clever and clever man. He has been wandering around the prison cell since he was a child, seeing all the injustices in the world and seeing all the joys and sorrows. He is convinced that the so-called law and the so-called justice are just a child that is out of reach for the world. Talk about the world. Therefore, Jie did not care about fame and fortune, so he secretly helped his friend He Shouxin to get Jinshi and then left after embarking on the road to becoming an official. Hou Jie and his brother Song Ajiu Lang travelled around the world, living a life of “having wine now and getting drunk now”, living a carefree life. With his clever mind and sophistical eloquence, Jie is at ease when encountering various green forest thieves or local bullies. At this time, God allowed him to meet a woman who changed his life – Linglong. Long, who has a mysterious identity, has a fierce temper and strong martial arts skills. He and Jie Duo had many enmities and relationships. Their fates were intertwined, and they eventually became a couple. Jie embarked on the road of becoming a lawyer, and his reputation spread all over the country. There were numerous lawsuits, and clients and dignitaries came to his door in an endless stream. Jie, Niang Zi Long, brother Jiu, and maid Xiao Feng have become a team that can never solve any case. All unsolved cases, big and small, cannot escape their eyes.

Director: Lam Chi Chung

Also known as: King of Kings Zong Wong Zi Wong Zhuang Wang Zhi Wang 状王之王 状王宋世杰


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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