In the Head (2024)


Yeon Joo, who is judging short films at a film festival, is embarrassed when she sees Seon Min’s film based on the same story as her screenplay. She calls Seon Min and tries to find out the whole story, but Seon Min’s explanation was that she just wrote what she experienced and Yeon Joo’s stance that she cannot believe it only made the situation tense. In order to reveal what happened to Seon Min, the two head to Gyeongju to meet the visually impaired couple who appeared in the movie. There, you will watch the reading play¬†written by a visually impaired person. As their second destination, they head to Woljeongsa Temple on Odaesan Mountain in Gangneung, which appears in the background of Seon Min’s movie. After meeting the monk, both Yeon Joo and Seon Min learn that they have a connection to the monk, but their misunderstanding is not easily resolved. The two break up, and Yeon Joo visits Director Kim, the male protagonist in the movie.

Director: David Cho

Also known as: Meorisogeul


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , ,

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