I Am Ground (2024)


We always dream of making local friends every time we travel abroad! It’s not easy due to language barriers, but here, four celebrities decide to make international friends boldly by playing K-games. Despite being a game novice, the eldest, Lee Sang Yeob, studies Greek history for the younger members and proves to be the ultimate caring figure. The second, Hwang Kwang Hee, is a true social butterfly who shows the magic of making both domestic and international friends. The third, Kim Min Gue, with his soft visuals and straightforwardness, unleashes unexpected charms as the global beauty with dimples. And as the youngest who has significant influence over the older ones, Son Dong Pyo turns any place into his stage and claims to be the energetic one of the group, showcasing his vibrant energy while representing Generation MZ. Will these four be able to break the language barrier and befriend strangers in a foreign city through K-games? Let’s all shout \”I Am Ground\” in Greece together!

Also known as: Ai Em Geuraundeu


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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