Huan Jing Ge (2023)


In the bustling Guangling City, a legend suddenly began to spread. There was a place in the city called the Magic Mirror Pavilion. Its owner is a mysterious woman in red. It is said that as long as you have a wish to realize, she can help you complete it. The price of realizing the wish is to exchange it with her with this “one thought”. The door of the Magic Mirror Pavilion is open to crazy men and women who are trapped by love, while Qian Xia, the head of the Jingxie Division, is also involved in the investigation of the murder case. She embarked on a journey with the beautiful boss’s wife, Man Zhu. Behind the cases, they seemed to have experienced all kinds of life. The power is priceless, and all-cause and effect is predetermined… The flowers bloom on the other side, and I will make a wish for you.

Also known as: Huan Jing Ge 幻鏡閣


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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