Have a Crush on You (2024)


Lin Yu Meng, a martial arts heir, accidentally damages the luxury car of Ji Ling Su, the CEO of Ji Group. This sparks a chain of hilarious events involving compensation and a forced marriage contract. As Lin Yu Meng navigates her way through a mountain of debt, she discovers hidden tensions within the seemingly prosperous Ji Group, driven by Ji Ling Su’s birth mother’s will. Amidst mining rights, legendary pink diamonds, and design competition, Lin Yu Meng assists Ji Ling Su and gradually unravels the complex emotions he has carried for over a decade. Through comical encounters, their relationship evolves, and they begin to explore each other’s hearts.

Also known as: Boss Ge Ge Ni Qian Zou Boss Pian Pian Dong Le Xin Pian Pian Dong Le Xin Boss哥哥,你欠揍 Boss偏偏動了心 Boss偏偏动了心


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , ,

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