Embracing the Stars Together (2024)


In her first year of high school, Bu Han Lu was determined to become a pilot. This dream originated from her childhood, when her sister, Captain Bu Han Yu of the Red Lotus Team, was captured by aliens while trying to protect her. For years, Bu Han Lu worked hard with the sole purpose of rescuing her sister. Due to a pair of gloves, Bu Han Lu formed an unexpected connection with Lin Qian Yu, the school bully. The school bully and the stubborn girl engaged in multiple rounds of confrontation, from competing for the gloves to claiming the rooftop and even waging a prank war. Bu Han Lu’s drama-loving group and Lin Qian Yu’s villainous gang ended up forming a friendship. To fulfill Bu Han Lu’s dream of establishing an astronomy club, everyone joined forces to search for UFOs and investigate the disappearance of a telescope. The friends discovered that Bu Han Lu had been suffering from “alien delusions.” Lin Qian Yu’s sister, Lin Qian Qian, turned out to be the mastermind behind this scheme. She was actually a good friend of Bu Han Yu and, in order to help fulfill her friend’s last wish, created an extraterrestrial illusion for Bu Han Lu. Upon learning the truth, Bu Han Lu realized that youth is not about waiting but is built on the foundation of these lovely friends.

Director: Ba Chen Xu

Also known as: You Are My Hero Ben Fu Xing Chen De Wo Men Ni Cai Shi Wo De Nan Zhu Jiao 你才是我的男主角


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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