Deadly Women (2023)


The drama tells the story of Liang Jing, a woman who is beautiful, smart, rich and capable. She helped her husband, Wang Hai, succeed in starting a business, but she quit her job at the peak of her career and became a housewife. She was willing to sacrifice for her family. Unexpectedly, she was plotted by a gangster, implicated in a scandal, and looked down upon by her husband’s family. Through investigation, Liang Jing discovered that the person who framed her was actually the person closest to her. After Liang Jing witnessed her husband cheating on her, she decided to fight back against the scumbag and confront the relationship destroyer. With the help of her friends, she healed her emotional pain while unlocking her career blueprint and finally successfully started a new life.

Also known as: Zhi Ming De Ta


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


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