Da Guo Nian De (2024)


As the Lunar New Year approaches, a time for family reunions and joyous gatherings, 30-year-old Gu Xiao Mei finds herself at a crossroads, facing crises in both love and family. After years of marriage, Gu Xiao Mei and her childhood sweetheart husband, He Quan, reach a pivotal moment where they must decide between parting ways or continuing to muddle through their relationship. With New Year’s Eve looming, Gu Xiao Mei and He Quan embark on a journey back to their hometown, carrying with them the weighty question of whether to divorce. However, amidst the forced togetherness of their trip, they unexpectedly discover new answers and possibilities, leading them to reevaluate their relationship and find hope for the future.

Also known as: Da Guo Nian De Bie Guo Le 大过年的别过了 大過年的 大過年的別過了


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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