Chinese Paladin Season 4 (2024)


Set in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, the story revolves around a renowned young master Wen Xuan, street artist Jin Yu and a run-down guy Xie Cang Hai. The pugilistic martial arts competition is about to begin. Wen Xuan, Jin Yu and Xie Cang Hai decide to go. On the way, they meet Jiang Cheng, who was framed and evicted out of the Ouyang sect. Wen Xuan and childhood friend Huang Pu tried their best to project Jiang Cheng. The youths, who come from different backgrounds, thus form a deep friendship. Jin Yu suddenly contracts a weird illness, and her life is endangered. Wen Xuan and Mu Qing Qing visit the borders, crossing the Eastern Rivers and arrived at the Northern Jiang to help Jiang Cheng wash his grievances and find a cure for Jin Yu’s illness. They find out that the culprit behind Jiang Cheng’s incident is Gu Mu. As time goes by, Jiang Cheng and Wen Xuan drift apart, and Xie Cang Hai also dies while stopping Gu Mu. However, Wen Xuan continues to persist in his beliefs and tries his best to stand strong against Gu Mu. After successfully killing Gu Mu and stopping his evil plans, Wen Xuan disappears together with Jin Yu. Every year, Mu Qing Qing waits at the Siyun Peak for Wen Xuan and Jin Yu to return. One day, she suddenly hears familiar footsteps.

Director: Wong Chun Man

Also known as: Ceng Ji Fou Shao Nian Tong You Xian Jian Wu Qian Zhuan 曾记否,少年同游


Status: Ongoing

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , ,

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