Chaser Game W: Power Harassment Joshi wa Watashi no Moto Kano (2024)


It follows Harumoto Itsuki, a 27-year-old employee who works at the game development company Dynamic Dream. She is selected as the project leader of a major collaborative work between Japan and China. Hayashi Fuyu is the head of a major Chinese content company, but she also happens to be Harumoto’s ex-girlfriend. This is a revenge love-hate drama between a lesbian boss and her subordinate.

Director: Ota Yu

Also known as: Chaser Game W: Power Harassment Boss Is My Ex-Girlfriend Chaser Game Double Cheisa Gemu W: Pawahara Joushi wa Watashi no Moto Kano


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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